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Pulkit Taneja

Fashion & Advertising Photographer

Based in Delhi - NCR

Pulkit Taneja specialises in people photography for fashion, advertising and editorial purposes. He is a renowned Visual Consultant and director for various brands. His personal photography style is a mix of bold colours and visual design.

Pulkit Taneja is the Founder & CEO of Beat The Best, a Creative design and media agency based in Delhi - NCR. Currently he is building the country's finest education platform for photographers and filmmakers - Nerdy Shutter.


Realme India, Carryminati, NBA Basketball School, Ebullient Gaming India, Biryani Blues, Nirulas, Rusk Media, Humorwale, Javi Home, Miss Amara Group, Learners International, Palmers India, Saera Electric auto, The YouWe Show, Mids&Lows, and more.

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